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Today’s business environment demands automation. It helps in saving time and takes some burden off the employees, by minimising the manual interference in every task. That being said, many businesses, especially small and mid-sized companies tend to stay clear from this very requirement. They prefer handling customer relations manually, over investing in customer relationship management applications. Tel5, as a CRM software development company, helps businesses leverage automation and build effective strategies to enhance customer service, acquisition, retention, and the overall user experience. CRM helps in keeping a seamless flow of information across different platforms, track every customer interaction in real-time, and facilitates in improving sales.

Marketing Automation

Tel5’s CRM development services help businesses automate their marketing initiatives and run effective campaigns to generate quality and sales qualified leads. Businesses get real-time analytics and campaign reports to understand the behaviour of their target audience and the effectiveness of the outlined marketing strategy. We help you create effective marketing campaigns, build intuitive forms, run product discounts, inform existing clients about the new product additions, effectively run email marketing campaigns, and much more. Lead tracking and knowing the status of every lead in the pipeline could not be easier.


Artificial Intelligence

Predict client behaviour and build strategies accordingly. AI helps in creating automation, according to user behaviour and trends. You can choose the tasks where you want AI to automate specified workflows, to ensure high productivity and increased engagement rates. It ensures you are running effective campaigns, thus witnessing an increase in efficiency across several sectors and aspects of the business.

Build as Desired

You are in charge of designing your CRM. Give a voice to your ideas and let us help you make them possible. With Tel5’s super-functional and flexible platform, you can collaborate with and crunch your data as desired. You can make your rules and display data as seemed fit. From powering agile management to deciding workflows, Tel5 gives you the freedom to build the software that resonates with your business needs and requirements.


Go Codeless

Tel5 provides an easy to customise and codeless CRM development platform. You can make your software look and work the way you want, without having to write long and complex codes. You can start from scratch and leverage our drag and drop platform to save time and effort. Choose from numerous pre-built designs and templates to build a picture-perfect platform. You can keep improving and modifying until you get the desired end-result.

A Cloud Solution

Build your own cloud-based CRM solution and get access from anywhere across the globe. You can log in from anywhere and save all the important data on the cloud. It helps you escape any kind of data loss and provides secure data access. If you are looking for a reliable, robust, and secure platform, you must go for Tel5’s cloud CRM development services.


Operational CRM

Get an operational CRM to generate more leads and convert them into successful sales. An operational CRM captures all the customer details and offers services as per the customer’s lifecycle. Get marketing, sales, and services modules to cater to every business need and take care of your customers in every possible way. Monitor every process and make improvements and modifications on the go.

Analytical CRM

Improve customer relationships by leveraging an analytical CRM. Collect user data from different locations and methods to understand the specific needs and requirements of the customer. With the help of advanced analysis, you can make the most of sales and marketing modules, improve efficiency and smoothly run business processes. This also keeps a track of customers’ purchasing and selling information, to suggest different products, send renewal alerts, and improve productivity.


Why Tel5?


Suits Every Business’ Needs

Any business type can benefit from Tel5’s CRM development services. From a small or medium business to an enterprise, Tel5 can build customised CRM software, to suit every business need.


Enhanced Marketing

Automate and run effective campaigns to improve marketing initiatives. Get detailed insights about the effectiveness of the campaigns and make modifications on the go.


Consulting Services

Get CRM consulting services to discuss your business requirements and know how Tel5 CRM development services can help you. Our team of experts will help you design a customised CRM software that will resonate with all your business needs.


CRM Integration Services

We provide a wide range of necessary integration services, to maintain an easy flow of information across different platforms and devices.



Tel5 provides detailed analytics to help businesses measure profitability, find loopholes, and eventually work towards perfection. You can know how many people opened your emails, made it to the form page, or filled in the required details. You can keep analysing every step taken towards a particular lead.


CRM Migration Solutions

We help you with easy migration from your existing CRM to your own customised CRM software, without any hassle. We help you with easy deployment and seamless transition, without facing any data loss.


Cloud-based CRM

Get a cloud-based CRM to have seamless access from anywhere across the globe along with hassle-free installation.


Flexible and Scalable

Support your expansion with Tel5’s easy to scale CRM development services. You can scale at your own pace, budget, size, and goals.


Competitive Pricing

Give a boost to your business profitability with affordable pricing. Tel5 provides various CRM development services at very affordable rates.


24/7 Support

Tel5 provides quick solutions to customer queries by enabling 24/7 customer support. Get instant support from anywhere, anytime.

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