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No business can afford to go without reliable internet access. If your network connection or internet phone system goes down, you open yourself and your business up to reduced productivity, financial loss, and even a damaged reputation. That’s why having a second, alternative network connection is one of the most necessary internet solutions for companies of all sizes today.

Losing internet access, even temporarily, can be devastating for a business. Be prepared and protect yourself with our failover solutions to ensure you stay up and running, no matter what. 

When Tel5 sets you up with an alternative network connection, you won’t have to worry about network problems. Our secondary connection, whether sourced from a different provider or mobile/satellite, will take over automatically. You’ll be back online in no time!

The benefits of our failover solutions include:

  • Peace of mind: You’ll have a reliable network connection to fall back on
  • Maximum productivity: Maintain business operations despite connection failure
  • Continued access to all your devices and hardware: Internet, online phone systems, and all other equipment reliant on internet access will still be available
  • Flexibility: Choose between shared connections or independent parallel connections

Enquire about our failover solutions and other business internet solutions with our team of experts today!

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We offer the best broadband solutions for your business. Whether you’re looking for temporary broadband solutions or internet solutions for the long run, you can be sure that we’ll set you up with the right broadband for your company and its personalised goals.

Tel5 customises all our broadband solutions and internet solutions to suit our clients and their needs. We take into account your data allowance requirements when connecting you to the NBN service, ensuring a boost in efficiency and reduction in costs for your business.

The benefits of our NBN service and broadband setup include:

  • Speed: The NBN offers optimum download speeds of up to 100Mbps, multiple times faster than ADSL
  • Increased efficiency: With maximum download speeds, you’ll increase the productivity of your business
  • Stronger connections: Trust that you’ll be able to hold a Zoom meeting without freezing, or use your business internet phone without dropping out
  • Optimised transition to NBN: Our experienced staff will seamlessly transition your business to the NBN service, answering any questions you have along the way

Contact us today to find out more about our NBN broadband and other business internet solutions from our team of experts!

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With our customised internet solutions, you can now supercharge your business with NBN Business Fibre. Otherwise known as Fibre Optic Internet, this service offers increased speeds and improved connection strength. That means your business can reap the rewards of a higher output.

We’ll also provide an NBN speed test, helping you to make sure that you’re receiving the connection speeds you’re paying for. Enhance productivity and employee satisfaction with advanced NBN Business Fibre and watch your company prosper in the era of instant information.

The benefits of our NBN Business Fibre setup include:

  • Reliable internet: NBN Business Fibre is known for its strength and dependability
  • Flexibility: Choose to divide Fibre across your internet, voice, and Cloud or commit it all to infinite internet
  • Maximum speed: Advance your business with super-fast internet speeds
  • Secure connections: Dedicated links and static IP addresses

Get in touch now to learn more about our NBN Business Fibre setup and other business internet solutions from our friendly staff. Find out how we can help your company to thrive!

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Give your business the mobility it needs to succeed in the digital age, with wireless internet. Our wireless broadband solutions will enable your employees to work on the go and access vital information from various devices. Increase your workplace flexibility with a cost-effective wireless connection and leave your staff, business partners, and customers feeling satisfied.

Whether you’ve got a small or medium-sized business, stand out from the competition with safe and reliable network access through a wireless connection. Our wireless broadband solutions can help businesses across all industries.

The benefits of our wireless internet setup include:

  • Increased productivity: Transfer important information more quickly with state-of-the-art wireless broadband solutions
  • Reduced costs: Save money with a wireless network, which is often cheaper to install
  • Improved access and availability: Access your office network remotely, including your internet business phone system
  • Business innovation: Find new flexible styles of working, including telecommuting

Call us now to find out more about our wireless internet and other business internet solutions from our team of experts!

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