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Forewarned is forearmed, they say. The unprecedented situation that the world faced in 2020 caught the world unaware and crippled many businesses. However, those that had invested time and effort in Plan B were able to get back on their feet faster, and resume operations.

As more and more businesses move to highly-advanced digital platforms, internet connectivity, digitisation and automation play critical roles. Not only do they affect business productivity and efficiency but are critical in ensuring business continuity as well. As practical situations have shown us, there are no guarantees in life and business. Unpredicted and unprecedented events like power outages, server failures or interruptions to your business internet connection can happen anytime and cause disruption. Though the primary service components like server, storage hardware or networking systems operate round-the-clock, there is no assurance that these will not malfunction or fail. So, don’t you think, it is wise to be prepared with robust failover solutions than find your business at a standstill in the eventuality of a system failure?


Tel5 offers reliable alternatives, that is, failover solutions. The alternative system is usually a failover connection which automatically kicks in, in the eventuality of malfunction of the primary internet connection.

Tel5 failover services include:


Failover Internet

This is nothing but a backup or alternate connection that ensures you are able to stay connected despite the failure of the primary connection. It tides you over till your primary connection is up and running.


Failover Server

This is a secondary server which is configured to act as a standby to the main server whenever it fails. Naturally, this ensures that desktop operations are not aborted.


Failover Cluster

Several independent computers which are interconnected through a network of cables and virtually, work together to up the scale of operations and parallel storage or computing capacity. If any one of these fails, the other computers move into a failover mode and provide backup.


Needless to say, the presence of failover servers and failover internet connection are helpful in maintaining business continuity during periodic system upgrades, scheduled maintenance spans or simply while undergoing downtime.

Why Tel5?

Tel5 is among Adelaide’s reputed one-stop ICT providers offering a plethora of complete, bespoke solutions for your enterprise. Catering to small and medium businesses are its forte and the Tel5 brand has successfully delivered telecom and IT solutions for several years. With reliability and responsiveness being its strengths, the company is well-placed to handle your business backups. The highly-trained Tel5 support teams are right here, based out of Adelaide, and pride themselves with the absolute familiarity and cohesion with the local business community. So, whether it is simply 360-degree Internet failover solutions that you might be looking for or advanced server failover solutions, Tel5 is adept at delivering flexible failover solutions that are completely tailored to suit your specific business requirements. We are available round-the-clock to attend to any queries or help you smooth over any sudden technical challenges that might crop up.


What’s more, we assure you that we will not just adequately meet your business requirements, but your budgets too. We have conscientiously built a reliable, credible brand with successful implementation of bespoke IT solutions. That is why you will find us completely focussed on understanding your requirements and providing fully managed, end-to-end failover solutions, so that you can carry on with your business with confidence.

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