Equip your business with the state-of-the-art equipment– all-in-one printers, laser printers, inkjet printers, multi-function printers, continuous ink tank printers, wide format printers & printer accessories, to boost morale & productivity. We have a wide range of devices and accessories that will help you to increase responsiveness and enhance work engagement. Organizations can improve the printing quality and take their business to the next level.

We have the Options

Tel5 has always been proactive to adopt new technologies, and extend the benefits to its customers, by deploying such advancements. Whether your requirements include laser printers, multifunction printers, mono laser printers, color laser printers, mono laser multifunction printers, color laser multifunction printers or scanners and copiers, we have the local talent and expertise to cater to your requirements. Get in touch with our experts to discuss your business needs.

failover solutions

Heavy Duty Printers

Our experts can assist you to acquire & deploy heavy duty printers for bulk printing, manage print workflow scenarios & maximise automation. We deploy the best business applications that suit your specific needs.

Scanners & Copiers

For your requirements like scanners & copiers, we provide the latest technological solutions. You can choose from a variety of wireless document scanners, flatbed scanners, mobile scanners, duplex scanners, etc., to maximize the efficiency and productivity of your business.

Why Tel5

Easy Transition

Transitioning to the latest hardware is no longer a headache. Our experts can make the transition seamless for you and your staff.

Competitive Pricing

As we have tie-ups with the major suppliers in Australia, we can offer you the competitive edge.

Innovative Business Solutions

We have highly skilled & motivated staff, who can always find innovative solutions for your business needs.

Smooth Upgrades

Upgrading hardware & related accessories can be a daunting process. Our experts can easily plan & execute such upgrades with minimal downtime.

Prompt Services

Quick response time on phone as well as email and minimal hold time are some of the measures which we take very seriously, because we know that time saved is money earned for our clients.