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Deliver on your modern business needs with the help of Tel5’s Session Initiated Protocol (SIP) trunk service. Leverage reliable and seamless connectivity by moving your existing PSTN/ISDN services to the cloud. By saying goodbye to your legacy phone services powered by inefficient and expensive copper lines, you can save big on pricing and allow efficient and high-quality calls right away.

Tel5 SIP Trunk Offerings

Bring your business phone system up to the speed! It’s time to upgrade your legacy phone systems and escape from the hassle of using expensive ISDN services. Tel5 stands among the top SIP Trunk providers that help you connect your existing PBX or communication system to PSTN (Public Switched Telephony Network) in the most cost-effective way. Enable flexibility and take control over routing calls by leveraging Tel5’s web-based configuration options.


DID Numbers

Switch to more than just your regular phones. Make the most of direct-in-dial (DID) numbers to easily route calls to your existing phone lines. These virtual numbers allow you to make a global presence by showcasing local business numbers. Another benefit of DID numbers is that the customers calling you are still charged at their local call rates, regardless of your physical location. You can also assign a direct number to some of your employees without any involvement of physical phone lines.


Scalable SIP Service

Expand when ready! Tel5 allows you to meet your changing needs without demanding any sort of additional investment on any equipment. You can utilise on-demand scalability option to meet your business requirements. Easily add or remove trunks without worrying about additional equipment or line rentals. Manage the call flow and never ever miss a customer call, with the help of our redirection service. Get a customised call solution to meet your specific business needs.


A Reliable Voice Solution

No more worrying about power outages, security thefts, or any geographical fiasco. Tel5 servers are available at multiple locations and our team is monitoring your system round-the-clock. Easily redirect your calls to alternate numbers when or if your office is inaccessible. Make the most of self-managed web portals to take charge and manage the functions as required. Tel5 SIP trunks allow you to easily add or remove extensions, change settings, personalise the space, and track the overall usage.


Advanced Features

Fraud Protection

Safeguard your systems against toll frauds and number spoofing. Tel5’s dedicated team is always awake and monitoring your systems.

Call Recording

Enable call recording option to automate all the voice recordings and store them all in the provided free cloud storage.

Troubleshooting & Diagnostics

Quick call troubleshoots and SIP diagnostics & debugging to keep the systems up and running all the time.

Custom Routing

Never miss any customer call. Allow call routing option to redirect calls to alternate numbers when or if required.


Never face a network failure again. Tel5’s cloud-agnostic approach ensures that businesses never rely too much on one cloud provider.

Local Numbers

Use local numbers for 100+ countries. Show area codes and prefix to exhibit a global presence.

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Quick Porting

Quick number porting with easy tracking. Automatic CSR validation to ensure faster number porting of a single or bulk submission.


Get regular alerts about usage, account balance, statistics, and for any sort of suspicious or fraudulent activity.

Use Your Own Carrier

Just plug and play. Follow easy and quick steps to bring your own existing PBX and get it running in just a few minutes.

Transition your Phone Systems into the 21st Century

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Uptime & Quality

Regular monitoring and instant fixes allow high-quality service levels. Enhance customer communication by leveraging Tel5’s 99.5% uptime.

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Utilise Existing Phone Systems

No hardware updates required. Easily set up Tel5 SIP trunks on your existing phone systems.

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Reduced Costing

Eliminate the legacy copper network and landline rental fees to reduce overall rental costs. Route your calls over business internet connection and make the most of affordable SIP trunk pricing.

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Personalised Online Portal

Use your personalised dashboard to analyse every move. Keep a check on current usage, call records, and current plans through an online portal.

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Analytics & Reporting

Get regular analytics and detailed reports to make the next strategic move. Measure the current statistics, traffic levels, active calls, and overall performance, to outline informed and effective future process plans.

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Enhanced Service Levels

Keep a track of the quality of your audio, allow high-resolution video and audio codecs.



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Security Checks

Stand against data breaches. Use Tel5’s encryption functionality to ensure all your calls and customer communications are secure all the time.

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Round-the-Clock Support

Tel5 provides instant resolution to user queries by providing round-the-clock customer support. Provide quick answers to urgent customer problems at any point in time.

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