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Technology and data are the two golden watchwords of business environment today; in fact, no business can run without them today. There is sharp escalation in digital and cloud services. Consequently, copious volumes of sensitive information are available in the virtual world; the risk to IT systems has also shot up exponentially.

The million-dollar question here and this needs to be well understood, can policy frameworks and IT infrastructure of your company withstand disasters? Small technical glitches are common and we can all live with them. However, consider the eventuality of bigger challenges that threaten to disrupt the operations of your business. What is put to test is how well your business adapts and is able to recover from the crippling effects of a disaster. Businesses operate over long periods of time and accumulate immense amounts of data. All of this data and years of work can be wiped out in an instant. Therefore, IT systems must be fortified, information periodically backed up and recovery plans put in place. In case of data breach, you would require swift retrieval of critical company information to ensure that there is minimal interruption of your daily business activity. So, you see, backup and recovery solutions are nothing but Plan B, an insurance cover kept ready for a rainy day.


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    Most often, much more than poor backup configuration or irregular testing, it is a lackadaisical approach to backup, that costs managements dearly. There can be permanent loss of invaluable information. Going by incidents in the last year itself, several enterprises have learnt the hard way that technology infrastructure require constant and regular upkeep. With backup and recovery relegated to the backburner, companies are a technical miscalculation away from a disaster that can impact the entire business.

    You must have heard, forewarned is forearmed. Nowhere is this more true than modern ICT technology backed business environment. Frequent system monitoring, cloud backups, endpoint protection, PC backups and server backups in external non-site storage systems are imperative for running daily business functions without stalling. This means that you can ensure least, negligible or marginal interruption to the regular flow of business operations.

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    A wide-ranging, all-inclusive policy strengthened by tools and procedures is the key to recovery. This entails the retrieval of crucial data, IT infrastructure, and technology-backed important business functions that are crippled with the onset of natural or human-triggered disaster. Natural disasters may be floods or bushfires while manmade disruptions are mostly cyberthefts or data breaches. However, a point to note here is that despite the loss in financial estimates, the negative impact of disaster is most felt in brand reputation and erosion of credibility. This is in addition to the humungous amounts that need to be doled out in terms of legal penalties for non-compliance.

    In a nutshell, while backup is preventive in nature, recovery involves getting it back, at a substantial cost.

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    On the face of it, backup and recovery systems appear simple and easy to operate. However, like other IT applications these are specialised functions and best turned over to experts in the domain. Tel5 is a premier ICT service provider offering multiple solutions in the arena of backup and recovery.

    With years of experience in the field, Tel5 is a specialist in data platforms and offer full-circle solutions for seamless data backups and data protection with computer backup services and intensive endpoint security. We at Tel5 offer on-site as well as cloud-based flexi-solutions where cloud backup and recovery servers are usually located in separate locations. Email archiving is another fundamental backup and recovery tool for storing copies of incoming and outgoing emails in separate folders. Our capable and competent team of experts are consummate professionals in Windows Server Backup applications and are always at hand to extend 24/7 support. Endpoint threat is a crucial aspect of backup and recovery solutions. End-user devices such as desktops, laptops, and mobile devices are very susceptible to malicious software and are considered as the entry points of threat. So, it is imperative that the perimeter must be secured with adequate endpoint protection.

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    Though we are based in Adelaide, Australia we have strong institutional tie-ups with best-in-class global technology partners. This enables us to design bespoke 360-degree IT solutions for enterprises of every shape and size: small, medium or large. Our forte lies in collaborating with clients to tailoring flexible, turnkey solutions in accordance to one’s business requirements and budgets, so that you are assured of quality deliverables and concentrate on growing your business with confidence.

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