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No matter in which organisation you are working, communication is essential, both internal and external. This is why you need an easy-to-manage and much-improved communication system that is best suited to your business needs.

Tel5 recognises the importance of effective communication within and outside the organisation, and so we offer high-quality PABX systems and installation services in Australia.

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    What is a PABX system?

    A PABX system is a private phone network that helps organisations manage multiple phone lines and extensions. It serves as the main hub for all business calls and provides numerous advantages.

    Private Automatic Branch Exchange (PABX) was made possible by the introduction of electronic switching, eliminating the need for manual operators. This advancement allowed for the development of a telephone system that no longer required hiring people to make and transfer calls.

    PABX systems utilise IP-based phones and rely on an internet connection, eliminating the need for phone line installation.

    Benefits of using PABX systems in your organisation:

    Cost-effective solutions

    Save costs

    Installing PABX phone systems can save costs by enabling free internal calls between extensions, leading to a decrease in monthly phone bills.


    Enhanced call management

    This includes features such as call routing, voicemail, and auto attendants, which help improve communication efficiency and ensure that important calls are always answered.


    Improved efficiency

    PABX systems improve efficiency by enabling smooth communication between employees, departments, and remote teams, leading to increased productivity.



    These systems understand and are capable of accommodating the increasing requirements of your business, enabling you to incorporate additional lines and features as your company grows.


    Better experience for customers

    Enhancing your company’s brand image and providing a better experience for your customers is possible through professional features such as call forwarding, holding music and voicemail greetings.

    Finding the perfect fit between the types of PABX system installation

    If you are searching for a phone system that enhances your business communication, your search ends here!

    There is a wide range of solutions that suit your budget and needs:

    1. Traditional PABX:

    • In-house control: When using on-premise hardware, you can keep total command over your communication infrastructure.
    • Advanced features: Enjoy features within your system, including voicemail, conference calls, and call routing. 
    • Ideal for: Companies that need a lot of control and personalisation from their phone system.

    2. Cloud-based PABX:

    • Flexibility and scalability: You can easily scale your system up or down as your company expands without having to make new hardware purchases.
    • Cost-effectiveness: Get rid of costs like spending a heavy amount on hardware and enjoy fixed monthly costs.
    • Always up to date: Stay up-to-date with the latest features and software updates with ease.
    • Perfect for: Suitable for companies looking for a minimally set and maintained, adaptable, and affordable solution.

    3. Hybrid PABX:

    • The best of both worlds: Combining the benefits of cloud computing and on-premise control allows for the best of both worlds. 
    • Connects easily: Combining cloud-based functionalities with current phone lines creates a seamless communication experience. 
    • Perfect for: Companies looking for a balance between control and flexibility, or those moving from on-premises PABX to cloud-based solutions.

    Ready to take your business to the next level with PABX phone systems? It's time you choose a reliable partner who can help you find a perfect PABX solution for your needs.

    Tel5: Your trusted partner for PABX solutions

    At Tel5, we provide a range of communication solutions that enable businesses to connect, collaborate, and succeed, regardless of their size or industry.

    Tel5 offers more than just products. They are a reliable partner for all your communication needs. Here are the reasons why you must select Tel5:

    • Extensive knowledge and expertise: Our team of skilled technicians has extensive knowledge of top PABX brands and technologies. They can assist you in selecting the perfect system that meets your specific requirements and fits within your budget.
    • Amazing customer service: We offer exceptional customer service by prioritising customer satisfaction and providing dedicated support throughout the entire process, including pre-sales consultations, installation, training, and ongoing maintenance.
    • A diverse range of solutions: We have a diverse range of PABX solutions, including both traditional on-premise systems and advanced cloud-based options. Our offerings are suitable for businesses of any size and industry.
    • Easy installation: Our trained technicians will take care of all the steps involved in installing your PABX system to ensure a seamless and efficient process with minimal interruption to your daily activities.
    • Latest technology: We stay up-to-date and use the latest technology in PABX systems, offering access to new features that improve communication capabilities.

    Tel5 offers a variety of PABX solutions to accommodate the unique needs of different businesses. Whether you prefer an on-premises VoIP PABX system installation for more control or a cloud-hosted solution for convenience, Tel5 can customise a communication platform to empower your business. Our PABX systems easily adjust to your business model, enabling smooth communication and growth regardless of your current size or future goals.

    We focus on efficiency and cost-effectiveness, offering advanced features like automated attendants and smart call routeing to improve customer interaction. Our cloud-based options remove the need for system maintenance, allowing you to concentrate on your business while we handle technical updates. 

    Contact us for a customised consultation and enjoy the benefits of smooth communication within and outside your organisation with PABX solutions.

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