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Increase your brand visibility and generate more leads with Tel5’s search engine marketing (SEM) services. Leverage paid advertisement tools provided by Tel5, a search engine marketing company in Adelaide, and gain instant visibility online. With the help of paid search engine advertisements, businesses pay Google to show their advertisements in SERPs and boost website traffic to augment their conversion rates. Tel5, as SEM specialists in Adelaide, helps businesses create engaging advertisements that target potential prospects and convert them. With the help of pay per click model, businesses are only charged when someone clicks on the advertisement. Now stand at the top of search results and grab the attention of consumers who are looking for products and services provided by you.

Google PPC

Bid on keywords and only pay for every click on your advertisements. Run Google Ads (also known as Google AdWords services) and have an edge over your competitors by standing on top of the search results. Tel5 helps businesses gain the attention of potential customers who are genuinely interested in the advertised products and services, maximizing the possibilities of generating sales qualified leads. Be it advertising for your website, your mobile app, or your local store address, Google PPC is a great way to find the right customers and grow your business.

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Managing Budgets

Tel5’s Google AdWords management team helps businesses with a wide range of advertisement budget to run engaging Ads. You can pause the advertisements in between or even set a monthly budget cap to avoid extra spend on your up and running Ads. Our Google Ads specialists have an in-depth understanding to guide companies and businesses belonging to different sectors, make the most of this advertisement platform.

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content marketing agency

Targeting Location & Time

Use geographical targeting to run Ads in a specific location. If you are a local business, you can set a specific geographical location and make your Ads visible to the people belonging to that specific region. Our Google AdWords experts also guide you on targeting prospects belonging to multiple locations by setting a radius target. In addition, we help you to run Ads at the right time – know what time of the day and week can attract more visitors and schedule your Ad campaigns accordingly.

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For eCommerce

Take your eCommerce business a step ahead by showcasing your products on Google Ads. Every shopper prefers product image instead of reading its description. Enhance your customer experience by running Ads with images. You can display your product images as well as respective prices, straight on the SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages).

Meet Your Potential Customers Instantly

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Reporting & Analytics

Make adjustments and modifications on the go. Know about the Ad status, traffic rate, and overall performance to make changes on the running Ads. See which call to action (CTA) is working the best and which might need a little alteration.

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Aligning with Customers’ Searches

With the help of numerous relevant keyword options, target the customers who are searching for the products/services offered by you. With the help of relevant keyword analysis, connect with customers with the most relevant searches.

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Only Pay for the Clicks

SEM’s pay-per-click model helps businesses save big bucks. With the help of PPC, businesses are only charged when someone clicks on the running Ad.

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Customised Solutions

Every business has different needs. Tel5 helps businesses run Ads basis their unique requirements. Our Google AdWords experts listen to your requirements and help you run Ads that fit your budget and search keywords.

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No Geographical Boundaries

Our managed print solutions and printing software solutions allow us to enhance security and protect your workplace from the loss of important data. Protect your information with our security-enhancing solutions.

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24/7 Support

Get instant solution to your queries at any time, from any location around the globe.

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