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The world today revolves around automation and digitisation. As Industry 4.0 gathers steam, businesses move towards cloud services and generate copious amounts of information. Consequently, sensitive data like banking credentials, health information, and personal information is available online and in the wrong hands, can easily be misused. With escalated online presence, the virtual world or cyber domain is the new battlefield. Cybersecurity encompasses the entire gamut of systems, applications and human protocols, to safeguard sensitive and company information against cyberattacks. Any criminal activity in cyber domain involving information and communication technology (ICT) is referred to as cybercrime.


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    Business Impact

    These are glimpses of some cyber security attacks that made the headlines in Australia recently. The Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) was victim of a massive cyberattack that enabled cyber criminals to access confidential credit licence applications. September 2020, Fergus Hanson, Director, International Cyber Policy Centre at the Australian Strategy Policy Institute warned of sleeper cyber cells which could cripple government systems. During a public speech in October 2020, Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutto cautioned businesses to be aware of cyber attacks. Naturally, you would not want your business to feature in headlines like these.

    Powered by technology, data is the new oil and knowledge, power. Cyber criminals can ruin conglomerates and hold businesses to ransom with a mere click. In fact, cyber security attacks have cost Australia an estimated $29 billion, amounting 1.9% of Australia’s GDP. Phishing, lacunae in digital protocols, DoS attacks, malware, SQL Injection are some common types of cyber attacks. These can cause multi-level damage:

  • Economic theft of intellectual property, corporate information, trading disruption and cost of damage control;

  • Reputational damage, leading to credibility erosion;

  • Regulatory compliance failure where businesses are penalised for non-adherence to cyber laws

  • Therefore, businesses must address information security as top business priority.

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    What’s next?

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    Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) reports that majority of Australian enterprises lack the capacity to deploy cyber security solutions. So, never has information protection been so important. The time to act is NOW.

    Cyber security, today, is one of the most important risk-management tools. It entails damage containment and recovery, in addition to prevention of data theft, precisely what we at Tel5 excel in. Our range of 360-degree, customised, flexi-solutions are offered in subscription packages for easy scalability or paring down, according to shifting requirements.

    Why Tel5?

    Counted among Australia’s noted cyber security companies, Tel5 delivers bespoke 360-degree ICT solutions for cyber safety. Our rich tapestry of experience and local presence give us unparalleled insight into industry dynamics. Having worked with small and medium enterprises, we are well-versed in deployment of cost-effective, ICT-backed cyber security solutions. Institutional partnership with reputed brands has further strengthened our understanding of client requirements. We are accessible 24/7 with a dedicated team of professionals. What’s more, these are flexible to suit your specific needs and are available at most competitive market rates. We are right here, right now and always available for our esteemed clients. Not for no reason do we proudly claim that Tel5 is among the foremost cyber security services companies in Adelaide.

    Secure your perimeter with confidence

    The primary step towards cybersecurity is to prevent data breaches through firewalls and storage systems to prevent unlawful accessibility, alteration, usage or disclosure.


    A firewall is a security tool that shields your network from unauthorised entry to sensitive data. It also guards computers against harmful software by creating a barrier between trusted internal networks and untrusted external networks.To make your business secure, simply search for the Best Firewall for Small Business.


    User education is another critical aspect of prevention. Human element has emerged as the most vulnerable link in the digital chain. Therefore, it is imperative to address this with in-depth upskilling and comprehensive training. We offer tailormade, user-centric solutions to enhance your productivity and deliver excellence.

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    Detect and continue with confidence

    We identify areas of business operation that are critical to the continued running of the business. Our competence in business continuity solutions enable you to seamlessly integrate these into your business processes. Options like data vaulting, WAN transport, encryption, backup plans, virtualisation, can be integrated into one single platform. These enable you to maintain connectivity with disaster recovery strategies and endpoint protection safeguards.

    Recover your assets with confidence

    In the unfortunate event of a cyberattack, we action procedures to recover critical data. Innovation, with cutting-edge technology, allows us deliver sophisticated solutions for your server and PC backup systems, cloud-based Email archiving or restoration processes. Tel5 recovery solutions effectively minimise recovery costs and safeguard your business capital.


    Like any crisis, the sooner it is detected the easier it is to contain and recover. Cyber attacks can cripple an organisation; but we help you find your feet faster. So, despite the ever-widening threat landscape, Tel5 ensures that your vigil is never down; and you can also, always connect with confidence.

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    Some hard facts again:

  • According to research by the Ponemon Institute in 2019, 67% of SMBs experienced cyber-attacks in the past year. Roughly the same percentage (70%) believed that they would not ever be the victim of hacking

  • The same study found that of 500 senior-level decision makers within these businesses, only 12% were aware of the likelihood of a cyber-attack

  • 9% of respondents cited cyber-security as the most important aspect of their business

  • 18% ranked cyber-security as the least important attribute

  • 60% said they don’t have any prevention plan in place for a cyber-attack

  • 25% said they don’t know where to even start when it comes to cybersecurity

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    The average cost of getting hacked is:


    Don’t wait until it’s too late. Get protected.

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