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Tel5, Adelaide’s trusted name in integrated ICT business solutions, is proud to announce its strategic partnership with Ring Central, market leader in cloud-hosted small phone solutions.

Tel5, in partnership with Ring Central, offers a comprehensive, turnkey cloud PBX system. With the main information repository in the server, the need for heavy telephonic infrastructure is eliminated. It offers a holistic, 360-degree phone solutions, that encompasses all the modern applications of business communication. Its inherent flexibility enables you to incorporate any mobile handset and is also compatible with a range of existing hardware that is used in a conventional PBX setup.

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    Backed by the latest cutting-edge technology, all the plethora of features and functions are now at your fingertips. Quite literally, since all of it is available on a single interface and is just a click away. The software is compatible with any smart device, be it your mobile phone application, desktop application or existing PBX telephones. Facilities include HD voice and audioconferencing, messaging, call forwarding, advanced call-routing, auto-receptionists, multilevel interactive voice response (IVR) systems, call logs, monitoring, recording, online faxing, hold music, voicemail, voicemail to email and visual voicemail. If ever you felt that your boardroom was too small to accommodate 1000 team members, think again! For, our virtual conference calls can make space for upto a thousand participants. If you are thinking and sweating over the logistics of it all, it’s pretty simple. Ring Central’s offering includes channel routing, CRM software integrations and agent management tools. The icing on the top?  Integrations available for a large number of applications like Microsoft 365, Zoho, Zendesk, Oracle, so no more oscillating between different apps. What’s better, the Ring Central phone system software is mobile app friendly as it is compatible with both iOS and Android versions.

    The facilities are never ending. Anyone calling in can select who they wish to speak to: with Receptionist feature and extended phone menus. You have the option of choosing a local or global number or alternatively, can log in from any location. Conversations are protected at every level with adequate security and firewalls.

    Why Tel5?

    With the Ring Central partnership, Tel5 becomes the only service provider with a complete, one-stop solution for your business telephone needs. The one Ring Central number becomes the number through which you communicate, keeping your personal number truly personal. A holistically integrated phone system that fuses Ring Central’s technological strength with several years of trust and experience that Tel5 boasts of. With profound insight of the Adelaide market, Tel5 has worked extensively with small and medium enterprises. The company’s forte lies in its deeply entrenched knowledge of local business communities; with the technical support team based locally, too. We are available 24/7 to support your business. What makes the Tel5 - Ring Central association perfect for any business is that it is amenable to your business needs; can be scaled up or pared down and completely adjusted to fit your goals and budget.

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