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Say yes to seamless communication with Tel5’s Microsoft teams calling plans. We provide you with a secure calling platform to support your remote work and offsite communication requirements. Support your flexible work schedules and indulge in voice, chat, and video conversations at any time from any location. Be it a web or a mobile app, Tel5 provides Microsoft teams calling solutions across different platforms and devices.


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    Centralised Digital Space

    Tel5’s Microsoft teams services help you leverage a holistic platform that is way more than just Microsoft calling. You can use it as a digital workspace where you can save files, make conference calls, chat, forward emails, and share ideas & documents. It helps in making remote work easy and facilitates employees with a single platform, for their every digital need.

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    Reliable Platform

    Make the most of this reliable and secure communication platform where calls are never interrupted. Tel5’s Microsoft teams calling plans help businesses, with a cloud solution that ensures calling is not only reliant on office connection or a single data network. It ensures if one line is down, it immediately directs the connection to a different one. It ensures no call is ever missed or dropped due to a weak data connection. If Microsoft connections are down, the calls get seamlessly directed to your mobile phone, without interrupting the ongoing communication.

    Secure Communications

    We ensure that every piece of information is secure and no data is compromised. From Microsoft teams test video calls to group calls on Microsoft teams, we warrant that no data or communication recording is available to unauthorised sources. We keep a regular check on the services you leverage, to affirm improved data security.

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    Device Compatibility

    Microsoft is available across different devices and platforms. You may make a call through your desk phone, mobile application, or by putting on a headset while connecting with your computer. Additionally, you can work from anywhere, be it a coffee shop, a co-working space, or right from the comfort of your home. It makes remote work possible, without any hassles.

    Scale at Your Own Pace

    Scale when you are ready. Lay hands on more advanced features as your business grows. Suit your needs with Tel5’s flexible Microsoft teams calling plans. Evolve as the team grows. The platform updates on its own, at regular intervals, unlike traditional phone calling systems.

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    No Geographical Constraints

    This is one of the best ways to support remote work or ongoing offsite work. Keep your business communications up and running without having to think about different time zones and geographical locations.

    Engaging Customer Experience

    We include multiple client-facing features to improve the overall user experience. From adding on-hold music to facilitating swift call forwarding, Tel5’s Microsoft teams plans are designed to be user-centric and engaging.

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    Integration and Automation

    Share data across different applications to keep a seamless flow of all the information. Automate manual tasks and take some burden off your employees. Provide them with that extra time in hand, so that they can continue doing things which require that very important, human touch.

    Modernising Your Phone Calling Experience

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    No Geographical Boundaries

    Being a cloud solution, now you can connect to customers and colleagues anywhere across the world.

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    Competitive Pricing

    You get access to all the modern calling features such as group video conference and interactive chat options, at very affordable rates.

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    Customised Plans

    Every business has different needs. Tel5’s solutions are designed to meet your unique business needs. Our experts listen to your requirements and build a robust, customised package for you.

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    Productivity & Collaboration

    With the help of flawless communication, you can witness a surge in productivity and efficiency. Your staff will spend less time trying to reach other colleagues for assistance. Boost employee engagement with this easy communication platform.

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    Witness no downtime as it rapidly connects you to another connection, in case one network fails.

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    24/7 Support

    Tel5 provides you with 24/7 support across different geographical locations, to help you with prompt answers to your queries.

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