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Can smart businesses exist without computers? Or memory chips, scanners or printers?
Every business today hinges on two main pillars of support. Hardware and software are the two sides of the same coin without which no business can thrive. Hardware infrastructure comprises of the fundamental equipment and devices that are required for any business to be up and running. A company’s hardware asset comprises an entire microcosm of:

  • Memory chips

  • Motherboards / CPUs

  • Graphics cards

  • Sound cards

  • Power supplies

  • Optical drives

  • Monitors

  • Webcams

  • Speakers

  • Data ports

  • Network adapters

  • Hard disks and arrays

  • Keyboards and pointing devices

  • Printers and scanners

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    Like any other machinery or equipment, IT hardware asset management is a vital aspect of business. These components are expensive and highly sensitive. Slow computing, server crash due to memory issues or simply defunct devices are some of the common troubles that companies run into. This can sometimes be the vital factor that has a negative impact and can bog down efficiency, reliability and speed of work. Hardware requires constant support to maximise longevity and keep them running for longer. To this end, systems must be brought under an across-the-board hardware asset management programme. Therefore, deployment of effective IT hardware management strategies can make the difference, with maximised equipment capacity, reduced uptime and enhanced productivity.

    Benefits of Hardware Asset Management

    IT hardware entails considerable investment. Most often than not, after the initial investment in setting up IT infrastructure, managements tend to overlook the importance of utilising the expertise of an IT Solutions company. Here is why you should consider the services of a professional ICT company.

  • Equipment longevity is the most crucial factor to consider in an IT hardware management system. The highly sensitive, sophisticated IT equipment requires timely maintenance. Incorporated within a scheduled routine, it entails periodic inspections and preventive maintenance. This of course, ensures equipment longevity. In addition, it facilitates early detection of serious anomalies before unexpected technical glitches catch you off guard and derail your business

  • Leave it to the professionals to track and monitor history and performance standards of your equipment. In case of unexpected hurdles, they are well in a position to address it and share informed insights regarding replace or repair

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  • S.O.S situations can emerge out of the blue and shake the resolve of even the most stalwart IT manager. System hardware crash would mean obliteration of valuable data and transaction history. At this juncture, time is critical. An IT hardware asset management partner whose technical forte lies in hardware support and who is familiar with your systems, is an invaluable asset for any business.

  • Today, the evolving complexity of technology, government regulations, compliance parameters, etc. make on-boarding a hardware support team a necessity, not an option.

    Why Tel5?

    We are proud to say that today Tel5 is a notable name in hardware management, in Adelaide. Our strong reputation is built over several years of rich experience in the field of security and managed IT solutions. Our understanding of client requirements is bolstered by robust foundation of institutional partnerships with some of the most reputed names in the industry. Complemented by our core expertise of having worked with small and medium enterprises, we are able to offer our clients that distinctive edge in hardware management system and IT service solutions. Based in Australia with an excellent team of IT professionals, we are round-the-clock ready to extend our support to our clients.

    Hardware and server configuration, configuration management, server monitoring and system maintenance are some of the key aspects of computer hardware management services that we offer. Working with intelligent ICT solutions for over a decade now, Tel5 is well-appointed to service organisations, irrespective of size and sector. Our strength lies in being able to understand and adapt to client requirements. This enables us to deliver end-to-end, flexible business solutions in keeping with client budgets and business criteria. With comprehensive and bespoke service for equipment uptime and facility performance, we deliver business solutions with a 360-degree perspective. Tel5 is poised to take care of your IT needs, maintain stability, and partner your business growth, as you move towards a digital tomorrow.

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