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Tel5 is a proud and accredited partner of world-renowned print management companies, Lexmark and Kyocera. Industry leaders in premium print solutions, both these companies have international reputation of reliability and excellence.


Introduce new technology and increase efficiency with Tel5’s managed print services. Set your business up with premium multi-function printers, laser printers, 3D printers, and much more from our extensive range. We also take care of installation and maintenance, so you don’t have to worry about a thing.


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    Are you looking to expand your office’s printing area but are worried about the chaos and clutter that happens when any of your staff members move from their chairs to get a document printed?


    Tel5 offers you a range of Lexmark printer services, copiers, and multifunction printers, which are popular among businesses in all industries. You can even enhance your office’s document capabilities with reliable equipment at an affordable choice.


    We even provide high-quality printing equipment at lease for those businesses who want to cut costs and increase productivity.

    Kyocera offers quality document imaging equipment and printing devices while Lexmark has been named a worldwide leader by IDC for print transformation, thanks to their advanced integrated print hardware and software solutions. Our partnership with these leading print management companies gives our customers instant access to a wide variety of world-standard printing devices and highly sought-after managed print services.

    Lexmark and Kyocera provide photocopiers, 3D printers, laser printers, laserjet printers and many more printing devices designed to enhance businesses of all sizes. We provide access to these extensive collections and always find the right devices to suit every budget and every business.

    Whether you’re looking for the best desktop printers available, the best photocopier for your company, inkjet printers, all-in-one printers or multi-function big Printers for Office, we have you covered with our customised approach that’s specifically tailored to your individual needs.

    At Tel5, we also offer a choice of managed print solutions that will increase Your staff efficiency. Rest assured that these digitised processes will take your business to the next level.

    We use accredited software programs to manage printing solutions in your office while simultaneously creating a pricing plan that works best for you. By helping you avoid unnecessary printing and unifying your business printing functions into a single solution, we’ll reduce your costs while simultaneously preventing needless environmental damage.

    Other managed print services that we offer, include automated toner order, fault troubleshooting, and meter reading.

    Our customers have exclusive access to the service departments of Lexmark and Kyocera. This priceless resource offers first-class customer service in addition to managed print solutions and printing software solutions.

    Rather than burdening your IT staff with printing qualms, leave the managed print services to our team and free up your own resources. Enjoy a local printing and troubleshooting service by passionate and skilled experts with years of experience.

    We can make recommendations based on the most suitable devices and software programs for your office, customised for your specific printing requirements. Our assessments help you to save, whether that’s by selecting the best Commercial Printer for Large Business, the best photocopier for your office needs, or software that manages your printing solutions based on your business profile.

    When working with Tel5, our customers are guaranteed excellence. Our Service Promise ensures that we provide top quality managed print solutions along with access to printing software solutions, ongoing maintenance and troubleshooting. We use only top-quality devices from the print management companies we partner with and rely on our years of experience to give our customers the very best they need.

    The benefits of our managed print solutions include:

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    Increased efficiency

    Don’t waste your time with temperamental printing devices. Allow us to take care of your print management systems.

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    Reduced costs

    By unifying your printing system onto a single device and digitising your essential work documents, you’ll cut unnecessary costs.

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    Continuous access to premium quality Large Office Printers

    We provide an extensive line of Kyocera and Lexmark cutting-edge devices, to boost your business productivity, including big business printers, continuous ink tank printers, laserjet printers, 3D printers, inkjet printers, all-in-one printers, and much more.

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    A convenient and local service

    We offer our customers the excellent products and services of our global printing partners right from the convenience of our office in Adelaide. So, if you are searching for A3 Printers in Adelaide, remember that we’re only a local phone call away from answering your printing needs.

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    Increased security

    Our managed print solutions and printing software solutions allow us to enhance security and protect your workplace from the loss of important data. Protect your information with our security-enhancing solutions.

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    Automated toner alerts

    Tel5 provides automated toner alerts, notifying our customers when their printers need more toner. Never be caught off guard again with our automated alerts.

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    More productive and satisfied staff

    By automating your print management system, you’ll free up your IT staff and allow them to focus on the other important areas of your business.

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