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22 billion. Yes, you read that right. The Internet of Things (IoT) witnessed a surge in the last few years. As a result, by the end of 2018, researchers estimated that there were about 22 billion connected devices in use, globally. Industry experts predict that by 2030, this number will shoot up to approximately 50 billion, therefore creating a vast web of interconnected devices, appliances and software applications.

Today, every business is stepping on the pedal for their digital transformation and moving into cloud platforms and edge computing. Naturally, to be digitally connected with adequate capacity to run your business, a robust computer network support grid is a prerequisite. Networks are groups of servers, routers, devices, switches, controllers and access points that are connected to each other. These in turn create smaller, microcosmic hubs of interconnected devices within smaller, restricted areas. Without a strong network support, your ICT-powered plans for a future-ready business comes to naught; business networks solutions make up the very backbone of your business.

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Your network support services must be able to meet the demands of today, while keeping in mind the potential for business expansion of tomorrow. It should be capable of ably connecting infrastructure and people across locations and geographies. Network solutions entail three important aspects of:

Network configuration

Network monitoring

Network maintenance

Network configuration includes installation of sophisticated hardware infrastructure and software applications that are required for the seamless functioning of daily operations. Virtual Private Networks (VPN), Managed Private Networks (MPN), Fibre optics, Voice over IP (VoIP) and Secure IPSec, SSL are a few examples.  Once the networks are in place, these require maintenance. This is a planned calendar for periodic checks, repair, replacement or upgradation of hardware of software, when required. If this is not done at the opportune time, slowdown of network will be a drag on the business. So, the primary focus of network maintenance is to maintain optimal performance at all times. Network monitoring system includes a spectrum of tasks targeted to track security and operational aspects. Automated remote monitoring 24/7, network performance, responsiveness and availability monitoring, mail server blacklist monitoring, SSL certificate expiration monitoring, website availability monitoring are some of the key tasks that come under the purview of network monitoring.

The Value of Strong Networks

The critical role of ICT in businesses, big or small, is not unknown. It is fundamental to harness the power of comprehensive next-gen solutions for business. This would be impossible without robust networks that enable you to achieve optimal performance and thus, get more out of your business.

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Wondering how?

  • A good network monitoring system is crucial for cybersecurity. It is the first step towards protection of your systems from hackers, viruses, and other cyber threats

  • Flexibility in network solutions, which is a forte of Tel5, allows clients to easily add, move or change users on the network in accordance with changing business requirements

  • Cost-effective network solutions allow for greater flexibility in making critical changes in the framework. Clients can add new capabilities without resorting to expensive upgrades

  • Automated connectivity for virtual computing, storage and cloud platforms. Internet speed monitor helps in checking traffic and latency, thus enabling you to deliver seamless applications for the end users, who are your employees

  • Why Tel5?

    We help you harness the power of ICT and maximise your IT investments for business growth. In today’s highly-connected virtual world, our IT network systems are fundamental to businesses that run world-class solutions. Every equipment, sophisticated or otherwise, requires care and maintenance.

    Our network support technicians are subject-matter experts in their respective fields of specialisation. They are well-versed in applications like Microsoft Network monitor and enable us to deliver cutting-edge network support services that work for you. With Tel5, you acquire valuable insights into deciphering information about network data and protocols. We help you to be aware of your network bottlenecks and troubleshoot any issues that have the potential to slow down or even disrupt business operations.

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    For years, Tel5 has been consistent in delivering excellence in ICT turnkey solutions. We are a homegrown company with core and support teams based locally out of Adelaide; and we are right here in case you need to reach out for round-the-clock support. Our robust institutional partnerships with reputed names in network solutions, has strengthened our inherent domain expertise. Having worked extensively with small and medium businesses, Tel5 always endeavours to be sensitive to client requirements. This understanding has empowered us to design tailormade ICT solutions that are flexible and implies that additions or changes can be easily made. No surprise then that Tel5 continues to be at the forefront of providing bespoke business solutions which are perfect fits for client requirements. Today, we can proudly say that we have won not clients but patrons who put implicit faith in us and have grown from strength to strength in their business, with confidence.

    Compare these Networks:

  • Which network do you think had less downtime this year?

  • Which network would take less time to recover from a power outage?

  • Which network would be easier to troubleshoot? Update or extend?

  • Which cabinet do you think has better airflow, lower temperature, and longer service life?

  • Which cabinet looks likelier to suffer an electrical fire?

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    “I have someone that takes care of this for me…”

    Your cousin, friend, nephew, son-in-law, we hear this a lot. When your network is put to test and is carrying your business, all its flaws get revealed. Get it wrong and your business will break at the worst possible time, and be a sitting duck for hackers! You could be the victim of cyber-fraud and lose significant sums of money, or have your customers’ data stolen and sold on the dark web. For small businesses, even one breach like this could possibly shut down the business. Perish the thought that your business deserves less than quality workmanship and professionalism. One of these networks violates more codes than we can count. It also has no protection against hackers whatsoever.

    In a network engineering consult, we perform detailed analysis of an existing network using the 7-layered OSI (Open Systems Interconnection) model. This analysis considers the network topology -- identifying any bottlenecks, single points of failure, redundancies, or other opportunities for improvement. The consultation will grade the overall stability and reliability of the network.

    We also process the following: predicted uptime, ease or difficulty of performing maintenance, upgrades and expansion.

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    Our consultation provides you with a proposed design to improve the reliability of your network.

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    Example Diagram of Layers 1-4 of OSI model

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