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Embrace technology and meet your business growth goals with Tel5. We help you with full stack development solutions, to help you experience innovation and grow exponentially. From startups to established businesses, we build customised solutions for every business type. Tel5, as a full stack development company in Adelaide, accommodates a skilled and experienced team of professionals with an agile mindset. From scrum masters to product masters, our team of expert full stack web and mobile developers have demonstrated experience in cloud platform services, DevOps, seamless integration, and product delivery, among others. We provide businesses with highly scalable, robust, secure, and seamless full stack web and mobile apps, to help them get an edge over their competitors.


Make the most of this globally acclaimed programming language. Leverage HTML for website designing and embrace flexibility and SEO compliance. HTML is search engine friendly and improves load time, to help websites perform better. It is an ideal choice for small and developing businesses that do not need several advanced functionalities for their websites. It is cost-effective and updating or editing content is quite easy. It is readily readable by search engine crawlers and helps businesses easily rank their websites in search engine results.

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Improve your website design architecture and leverage the benefits of program re-usability with Angular.js development services provided by Tel5. As an Angular.js development company in Adelaide, Tel5 provides plug and play components for easier and faster web and mobile app development. Express your application components succinctly by extending HTML’s syntax and escape from the need of writing extensive codes. It allows faster and easier data binding and eliminates the requirement of the developer having to intervene every time.


Experience simplicity and flexibility with React.js app development services. Being one of the most popular frameworks, React.js provides an engaging user experience and makes developers’ lives easier. It allows reusage of the React components and saves heaps of time while ensuring the stability of the codes. Tel5 as a React.js development company in Adelaide, helps in increasing productivity and faster rendering. React is SEO friendly and helps businesses rank higher in search engine results.

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Flash provides browser compatibility and supports audio, advanced video, and animation for enhanced user interactivity. It helps in building an expressive and interactive website. It is a great tool for adding animations, shopping carts, sound effects, videos, and vector graphics to bring that extra value. Tel5 provides Flash development services in Adelaide.


Vue.js is a progressive framework that helps businesses with easy download and installation. Vue.js is SEO-friendly and helps in reduced loading time. It uses virtual DOM and updates only the required elements, without rendering the whole DOM. It results in an easy and swift rendering process and enhances the overall website performance. Vue.js is great for unit testing and to know how even the tiniest parts of the app are working. It also allows the parts of the code to be reused as templates. Tel5 provides Vue.js website development services, in Adelaide.

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Progressive Web Apps

Provide a user-friendly experience with the help of Tel5’s Progressive Web Apps (PWA). Tel5 provides affordable progressive web app development services, in Adelaide and helps in building an engaging user experience. PWAs are fast and provide mobile app-like navigation experience. Just like a smartphone, PWAs can provide features such as push notifications, geolocation, tracking, and camera use. Tel5 helps businesses set up PWAs that are SEO-friendly and helps in improving ranking in search engine results.

Harness the Power of High Performing Applications

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Agile Development Approach

Let our scrum masters and product owners, with an agile mindset, help you maximise your ROI. We believe in continuously working on feedback, to timely improve on delivered products and services.

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CMS Development

Tel5 provides reliable, responsive, and effective content management system solutions like Drupal, Magento, WordPress, and Joomla.

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Client Engagement

We build solutions that are customised to your business needs and requirements. With continuous client engagement, we deliver the solution that works in favour of the business and brings a positive impact on the company.

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Our highly skilled web and mobile app development team uses DevOps for better software quality, shortened delivery time, and better collaboration. Tel5 ensures frequent and improved feature releases, to continuously enhance the user experience.

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Quality Checks

Tel5 ensures all the issues are resolved quickly and completely. The in-place quality check process follows various quality assurance protocols to ensure all the components and systems are up and running properly.

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All the solutions provided by Tel5 are affordable and competitively priced.

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24/7 Support

Tel5 provides 24/7 support to all its customers, irrespective of their location or time zone.

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