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Tel5 is one of the leading mobile app development platforms in Adelaide, Australia. With everything going digital, it’s important for businesses to adapt to modern user needs. Tel5 helps businesses build brands and move a step closer to their potential customers. Provide a seamless and engaging customer experience by turning ideas into reality.

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IOS and Android Apps

Serve the needs of every customer. Be it an android or an IOS app development requirement, Tel5 helps you provide a personalised digital experience to your customers. With users turning to their mobile devices for everything, make sure you reach your customers where they are.

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Quality Assurance

Keep it all in check. Do not let your customers face lags, bugs, errors, or any downtime while using your mobile app. Tel5’s quality assurance teams are always monitoring the development and designing of your mobile app. They release regular updates and add new features to help your customers make the most of their user experience. Constant monitoring helps all errors/bugs to be fixed instantaneously.

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Enhanced User Engagement

Boost user engagement with a mobile app. From ordering food to making a reservation, people are using their mobile phones to do every small task. Building a mobile app is the best way to ensure your brand reaches the palms of your potential customers. Let them buy your products or take services at the comfort of their homes and multiply your profits, for good.

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Customised Branding

We provide an extensive line of Kyocera and Konica Minolta cutting-edge devices, to boost your business productivity, including continuous ink tank printers, laser printers, laserjet printers, 3D printers, inkjet printers, all-in-one printers, and much more.

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Meet & Exceed Marketing Goals

Market your best assets creatively. Let your customers know what you have in store for them. Tel5 mobile application development service helps businesses recognise their customer requirements. With the help of data tracking, businesses can stay aware of customer choices. Run personalised mobile marketing campaigns based on the insights, translate your contacts into qualified leads. No more cold calling your customers - based on the customer database, run targeted campaigns to customers who are already interested in your products/services.

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User-friendly App Design

Make it interactive for your users. Provide a personalised and engaging user experience to your customers. With the help of easy configuration and settings, customising apps is easier than ever – no more calling an expert for help. All mobile apps are designed to provide an immersive visual experience. Tel5 makes sure that all the android and IOS mobile apps are designed to serve the specific business needs, helping them deliver on the modern user needs.

A One-Stop Solution for All Your Mobile Needs

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Improved Customer Experience

Going mobile can help your business be easily accessible to your potential customers. It provides a much-enhanced user experience and helps them connect to your products/services easily.

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Reduced Turn-Around Time

Every second counts. Do not let delays in production hinder your profits. Tel5 experts start right away to deliver the end-product on time, so that you do not lose out on any possible conversion.

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Prototyping to Meet the Needs

We run alpha and beta testing programs to ensure the designed mobile app is as per your customers’ needs and is ready to be launched as the next step. All the reliability, security, and robustness tests are done during beta testing.

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Know Your Customers

Know what your customers need. With the help of data tracking, you can provide a personalised user experience. Track the moves of the customers to analyse their requirement and run targeted campaigns accordingly.

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Built as per Latest Technologies

Tel5 ensures all the android and IOS apps development is done as per the latest technologies and methodologies. Our design and development experts aim to provide what’s trending and the latest to your customers.

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Reduced Costing

Automate product displays, bookings, order tracking, quality assurance, etc. to cut down on extra expenses. Small businesses no more require a physical store to sell their products/services. Automation also helps in saving employee and infrastructure costs..

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Analytics & Reporting

Get regular and detailed reports to know what is working best for you. Customise the mobile app – add new features or drop the existing ones, on the basis of data around customer interactions, retentions, most converted CTAs, etc.

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24/7 Customer Support

Tel5 provides instant resolution to user queries by providing 24x7 customer support. Provide quick answers to urgent customer problems at any point in time and from any location.

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