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Replace your expensive legacy calling systems and bulky hardware with cloud phone systems. Leverage clutter-free hosted phone systems that are easy to manage and provide much-improved communication to your customers. Tel5 Hosted PBX systems are affordable and easily connect multiple phone calls, group calls, and manage all your call extensions. You can easily keep track of all the phone calls from anywhere at any time, without having to invest in expensive hardware and maintenance.


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    Tel5 Hosted PBX Offerings

    From small businesses to much-established enterprises, Tel5 hosted PBX solutions are customised as per the business needs. Cloud phone systems allow all the updates and maintenance to be done from the back-end without creating any hassles in the front or client-facing end.


    Managing Inbound Calls

    Provide a personalised touch to every inbound call. Automatically send calls to voicemails when busy and easily route your calls to a queue with the help of smart IVR. Leverage call queue and virtual assistant options to help your customers reach the right department quickly.


    Quick Set-Up for Outbound Calls

    Easily set up your outbound calls from anywhere at any point in time. Easily define and edit the privacy and called ID for restricting calls. Leverage easy tools to configure and set up outbound calls – no need to call an engineer anymore.


    Analyse What’s Happening

    Tel5 hosted phone systems allow you to evaluate how your business is communicating with customers from anywhere, at anytime. You can check your recent calls, logged data, balance, and configure auto top-ups and changes in plans. Every call – be it inbound or outbound, is logged in the call data record for your reference. You can create reports to analyse the call data and make informed decisions in the future.


    Advanced Features

    Smart IVR

    Allow customers to get quick resolutions to their problems without having to speak to a customer care executive. Set up quick resolutions to general user queries and help them save time and effort. When required human intervention, smart IVR redirects the call to the right department on its own.

    Call Queues

    Don’t keep your customers wondering. Let them know they are in a queue and will be connected to the customer care representative soon. You can also provide them with an approximate waiting time for their convenience.

    Call Recording

    Choose to record selective calls or record all calls by default. Keep data of all the calls for future references – be it a call for proposed agreements or discussing audio contracts.

    Virtual Phone Attendant

    Create a call flow and easily record the department information to help your customers connect to the right support executive instantaneously. It can be as simple as assigning 0 for sales and 1 for the delivery department.

    Remote Call Pickup

    Facing peak hours and numerous calls? Distribute your calls among other backup callers by enabling remote call pickup. Enable your staff to handle calls that are ringing on other SIP phones.

    Local Languages

    Say goodbye to the linguistic barriers. Connect with the customers in their native language. Set up audio prompts in local languages, per number or per extension basis.

    Ring Groups

    Add multiple users or multiple devices in a single call route. If need be, add mix and match of multiple users and devices on a single call route.

    Voicemail to Email

    Send voicemails to customer’s email addresses by default. Let them easily go through the attached mp3 files that include the call date, time, and called ID.

    Music on Hold

    No more listening to classical on-hold beep. Let your customers listen to some music when on hold. Help them stay on the line with an engaging audio experience.

    Caller Privacy

    Make anonymous calls by replacing or blocking your own caller ID.

    A One-Stop Solution to All Your Communication Hassles


    On-prem phone systems go down even when a single node is down. Enhance customer communication by leveraging Tel5’s 99.5% uptime.

    Customised Solutions

    Every business has different needs. Tel5’s solutions are designed to meet business requirements. Our experts listen to your requirements and provide a tailor-cut solution for you.

    No Geographical Boundaries

    Being a hosted solution, now you can connect to customers anywhere across the globe.

    Analytics & Reporting

    Stats don’t lie. Harness the power of analytics and detailed reports to make a strategic next move.

    Flexibility & Control

    On-prem phone systems equal lesser flexibility. Leverage Hosted PBX solutions to control the call handling and easy setup and configuration of the phone systems.

    Competitive Pricing

    With an extensive network of wholesalers, you can get access to all the modern features at very affordable prices.

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