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Tel5 is one of the leading Content Management System (CMS) web developers in Adelaide, Australia. Create, edit, and publish your website with ease and without requiring any prior technical know-how. Tel5 works on ‘what you see is what you get (WYSIWYG)’ interface, providing you with complete transparency. You can get regular and required websites anywhere around the globe with just the help of an internet connection. Tel5 also provides open-source CMS website development such as Drupal and WordPress to provide you with the freedom to create your own functionality without adding any additional cost.


WordPress is known to be one of the most popular and commonly used content management systems. Tel5 as a WordPress web development company in Adelaide, Australia digitally empowers your business with numerous easy-to-use plugins, templates, and themes. It is very flexible and helps companies choose from different WordPress web designs to suit the business and user needs.

Being based on standard compliance code, WordPress can help in Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) to rank your website higher up, in search results. It supports a wide range of media files, including pictures and videos available in various formats. It also takes care of your cybersecurity and safeguards your business information and confidential data from data leakage and breaches.

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Tel5 is a leading Drupal web development company in Adelaide that is preferred by many companies, government agencies, and nonprofit organisations. Drupal is easy to use and acts as a one-stop solution for all different website requirements. Drupal web development services are well-suited for content-heavy and high-ranked websites along with the ones that have massive databases and resource libraries.

Drupal can be accessed from anywhere and is highly customisable. From adding ‘ShareThis’ to enabling social media channels, Drupal comes with a wide range of features that can be added easily to the running website. Businesses can also provide their customers with a seamless flow of data and information, by going mobile. With everyone owning a smartphone now, it is important to build an accessible mobile site. Tel5 helps you provide your customers with that much-needed mobile site and facilitates the seamless workflow, on the go.


Joomla is a popular content management system choice because of its easy accessibility to different business types. From small businesses and government organisations to nonprofit and large companies, Joomla is a fit for every business. It is search engine optimised and is a forever free open-source platform.

You can converse in your own language! Joomla speaks over 70 different languages to provide a personalised user experience. Joomla content management system adjusts itself as your business scales, by adding new features and providing instant turnarounds.

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Grow Your Business with a CMS Built to Serve Today’s Needs

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Search Engine Optimised

Tel5 provides businesses with an SEO-enabled CMS that helps you rank on top of the search results. Easy SEO plugins and tools are enabled to make the process a hassle-free experience, requiring no technical expertise.

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Know Your Needs

Tel5 experts help you understand the business needs and help you choose from the different available options. With the help of our advanced market research, you can choose a CMS that is a fit for you.

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Reduced Turn-Around Time

Tell us about your needs and our experts will be on it instantaneously. Get your end-product delivered as per, or before the specified timeline.

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Affordable Pricing

Give a boost to your business profitability at affordable pricing. Tel5 provides different CMS services at competitive rates.

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24/7 Support

Tel5 ensures all the android and IOS apps development is done as per the latest technologies and methodologies. Our design and development experts aim to provide what’s trending and the latest to your customers.

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