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You can never be too careful with your business data. Fortunately, the premium Cloud security solutions we offer will defend your information against disaster. By working with us, you’ll have the peace of mind that you’ll always have the right backup and recovery solutions in place.

Our Cloud app security services will not only guard your data against cyberattacks and internet failure, but also protect it from physical events like fires and floods.

The benefits of our backup and recovery solutions include:

  • Business continuity: Continue running and growing your business, even through glitches such as system failures
  • Advanced storage technology: Our secure Cloud backup enables you to safely store important files
  • Increased accessibility: Through the protection and recovery of your data, you’ll constantly be able to access all your information

Tel5 is one of Adelaide’s leading Cloud security companies. Enquire today to find out how our backup and recovery solutions can help your business!

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Along with secure Cloud backup, Tel5 specialises in IT consultancy. Our qualified experts provide ongoing support and managed IT solutions so you can make running your business a priority. Serving as one of the leading Cloud security providers in Adelaide, we also offer advice and troubleshooting to help you combat your biggest business challenges in the digital realm.

With years of IT consultancy experience behind us, we’re able to guide your business over any digital hurdles, from connection issues to data loss.

The benefits of our IT consultancy services include:

  • Practical, actionable advice: We offer digital solutions that our customers can easily use to overcome their business challenges
  • Qualified and friendly team: Our team of experts have years of experience and a genuine passion for IT
  • Tailored consulting: Our advice is customised to meet the individual needs and requirements of your business

Contact us now to learn more about our IT consultancy service and Cloud security solutions and how they can assist your business.

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Effective hardware is now a necessity for any business. Whether you’re a small, medium, or large corporation, having efficient working hardware will help your business to stay productive and reach its goals. Tel5 is here to help.

We provide premium hardware technology to suit your needs, install the devices at your workplace, and run ongoing hardware management.

The benefits of our hardware support services include:

  • Versatility to suit your needs: Tel5 offers a wide range of hardware devices and headsets to choose from
  • Hassle-free setup: We’ll install the hardware so you can focus on running your business
  • Upgrades and maintenance: We’ll manage and upgrade your hardware over time so you can keep reaping the benefits of new technologies

Get in touch with us today to find out more about our hardware support service, Cloud-based security solutions, and other digital solutions that will benefit your business.

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Along with Cloud-based security solutions, we offer network solutions to ensure your business connects to the internet with ease. With a team of skilled tech experts in tow, we provide swift solutions to all network problems.

Slow, unstable internet can result in a loss of productivity for your corporation, not to mention unsatisfied customers. When you work with Tel5, you can guarantee that we’ll always be there to troubleshoot and resolve your network connection errors.

The benefits of our network services include:

  • Peace and comfort: With our team behind you, you won’t have to worry about network issues stopping your business from running
  • Business continuity: Focus on your business even as connection problems arise
  • Ongoing help and support: Rely on our tech experts to troubleshoot and keep you in the loop by explaining the issues and solutions

Contact Tel5 today to enquire about our network solutions, Cloud app security, and other managed IT services.

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In the age of information and digitisation, all businesses need a strong Cloud security platform. Hackers and cyber predators are becoming smarter with their hacks and attacks, which means modern companies must protect themselves with the most advanced Cloud security solutions available.

We offer Microsoft Cloud app security and a range of other platforms to guard your business against attacks. Why risk losing everything when you can easily defend yourself with secure Cloud backup and protection?

The benefits of our cyber security services include:

  • Advanced protection of data: Our software and techniques defend your business against attacks and back up important files
  • Peace of mind: You can relax knowing our cyber security has you covered
  • Data restoration and recovery: We utilise Microsoft Cloud security and other strategies to recover and restore your information assets

Get in touch today to talk with our team of experts about our cyber security options and how they can help your business.

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