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Though there are new trends coming up in the marketing and advertising techniques, there is no guarantee from any of the marketing techniques that your content would be read and heard by the targeted audience. On Hold Music & messages ensure that your information would reach to the exact people who are keen about your business.

On Hold Music & Messages are an audio arrangement which contains both music and messages which convey significant information to the people who are calling up to communicate with your business. It is an important tool through which you can advertise about products and services while the customer’s call is on hold.

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While the inbound call is put on hold, there are professional On Hold Message recordings which are played. These messages could be about anything that you want to convey to or make your customers aware of.


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    Why Use On Hold Music and Message Service?

  • Research shows that 30% people get irritated by the silence or irritating on hold music while they are on call. Sometimes they get so annoyed, that they don’t even call back. In such cases, opting for a proper On Hold Music and Message service can prove to be profitable.

  • The On Hold Music and Message service providers help you to customize your message and music as per your requirements. This will make your customer reaction more certain for you.

  • It is an innovative approach to convert your callers into customers. It has a good future prospect as new features could be added in it in the upcoming years.

  • It is becoming a popular marketing technique to promote products and services as well as customer services, now.

  • No extra investment is required to transit it to the latest hardware as it is handled totally by the service provider. Hence, it is cost-effective too.

  • Our Services

    TEL5 assures you of the best On Hold Music for business, compared to other On Hold Music and Message companies. Starting from planning for the script, sound and music, to recording and production, we are keen to provide you with all of them under one roof. Similarly, we assure you of the best sound and music quality with full clarity so that you need not worry about anything and manage business, without hassles in your path.

    Many businesses are moving more and more towards automation. By opting for On Hold Music and Message services, you can promote more sales automation and generate more conversions. We provide several on hold services like message on hold, music on hold, voicemail message and greetings, menu prompts, welcome message and after hours message.

    We know that your business needs are unique and we are here to fulfil all your specific needs, with the help of our expert team, which is well-trained and is equipped with advanced knowledge about the services. We have experienced professionals from different industries, in our team, who are well-acquainted with On Hold Message and On Hold Music for business. They keep updating themselves with latest market trends and hence provide superior support.

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    Due to our commendable team and collaboration with best suppliers in the area, we are able to bring to you competitive pricing for our services and products. Also, along with reasonable pricing, we provide customer services free for on hold music for business and for on hold messages for business and we are just a call away. For any difficulty you face, our team is dedicated to provide prompt service and the best solution for your business.

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