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An arm and a leg are what most of us would pay in exchange for total peace of mind! Whether it is your business or your home, safeguarding your space is one of the primary concerns that weighs on everyone’s mind. The good news is that with Tel5, you do not have to. One of Australia’s foremost & prominent companies, we pride ourselves on our holistic approach to security aspects. To put it simply, Tel5 provides 360-degree security solutions to keep your premises safe.


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    There are several different varieties and models of security camera systems and wireless cameras available. You will find ultra 4K cameras, surveillance cameras, high-definition (HD) cameras, weather-proof cameras, fish-eye cameras, etc. The very range, prices and wide spectrum might end up being extremely bewildering. To help you make your choice easier and a more informed one, Tel5 offers not just an array of wireless security cameras and sophisticated camera equipment, but also in-depth knowhow of installation, monitoring and maintenance, and repair. Cutting edge, sophisticated quality and completely user-friendly, Tel5’s best security cameras are highly sensitive equipment that are geared to detect even the slightest movements and provide clear visual recording and live views of your premises, 24/7.

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    As such, Tel5 security cameras systems are perfectly suited for security, surveillance, warning or safety requirements. What’s more, all of these world-class quality products are available at extremely affordable prices. Whatever be your security requirement and whether you opt for bracket-mounted, ceiling mount or free-standing security cameras, you will find that we offer the best-in-class products and most competitive CCTV camera prices, in Adelaide.

    Why Tel5?

    Your safety is of prime importance to us. That is why we at Tel5, offer not just quality equipment but we design 360-degree security solutions, in accordance with your requirements. We are of the opinion that there is no ‘One size fits all’ formula and this is the guiding belief behind all our bespoke services. We at Tel5, take immense pride in designing security solutions, to suit the specific requirements of our clients. We take great pains to understand your requirements, assess your premises and then offer end-to-end security solutions that are tailormade to bridge the gap between what you want and what you get. You might be looking for outdoor security cameras, in Adelaide, for your business; or install brand new sensor and vision surveillance and alarm systems for your new facility.  Or simply, you might decide to revamp and upgrade your existing wireless security cameras’ setup. Whatever be it, Tel5 promises to deliver reliable, customised yet cost-effective security options that conform seamlessly to business goals and will not throw your budgets out of gear.

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    What’s more, you will be relieved and delighted to know that our technical team is located right here in Adelaide and available round-the-clock, to lend that helping hand. Tel5 is backed by several years of experience in the field of providing security & surveillance solutions, and we have that exclusive expertise of working with small and medium businesses.

    Our unwavering commitment to our client’s safety adds that extra touch, to strengthen our security solutions. Partnerships with leading brands and most of the major suppliers in the country, enable us to offer some of the best security cameras in Adelaide, at the most competitive market rates.  That’s the peace of mind Tel5 delivers, and of course, the promise to move ahead with confidence.

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