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Tel5 has joined forces with Microsoft to help businesses grow and augment their digital transformation. Our experts help businesses stand out from their competitors by providing unparalleled customer support, web development, product deployment, product management, cybersecurity, among other business needs and requirements. We excel as a .NET and ASP.NET development company in Adelaide. We leverage Microsoft’s dedicated in-product tools and benefit our customers with digital advancements and state-of-the-art tech solutions.

.NET Application Development

Tel5 provides customised, robust, and best-in-class .NET app development solutions to businesses belonging to different domains. .NET is a versatile and highly scalable framework that works brilliantly for web apps, websites, software applications, and windows phone apps as well. Tel5 is a .NET development company in Adelaide, that provides full-scale services and delivers high quality and user-centric customised apps for web, mobile and cloud.

Our team of highly acclaimed .NET developers, have an in-depth understanding of C#, MVC, MS SQL, & ASP.NET and they help in strategising and delivering the best quality products to businesses. Tel5 helps you with .NET solutions such as .NET application development, .NET website development, CRM development, CMS development, Legacy application conversion, and maintenance & upgradation of existing .NET applications.

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Our experts do thorough market research to gauge the necessities of the application and also run background research on the client’s industry to meet all relevant business requirements.

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ASP.NET Core Development

Build compelling applications and resonate with your customers. Tel5 provides you with customised .NET development to design modern web app solutions. ASP.NET stands for Active Server Pages. NET and is known to be one of the best and simplest frameworks for .NET web development.

It offers fewer lines of coding as compared to other frameworks and is quite adaptive to mobile platforms. You can reuse the code for different mobile platforms. It provides faster execution time and allows quick sync to the cloud. Tel5 helps businesses with regular monitoring, to resolve the issue the very moment it has been identified. It removes all unauthorized accesses and safeguards businesses against data breaches.

ASP.NET helps in running source code on the server to enhance flexibility on the live web pages. You can also choose to deploy machine learning and IoT algorithm to improve on the current development cycle and end products.

Custom Digital Solutions to Help you Grow

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Reliable & Experienced

Tel5 provides reliable services and solutions with the help of its in-house skilled professionals. They have a wide experience in a variety of domains, to build customised solutions for you, such as Healthcare, Engineering, banking, finance, media, among others.

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Tel5 provides affordable services and builds customized solutions that suit your budget. We offer unmatched customer support and a full-scale maintenance program, at competitive rates.

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Customised Solutions

Tel5 is known to provide top-notch customised tech solutions. Our skilled experts help us make it happen. They take a stock of the business requirements and research the best options available, to suit their needs. With extensive knowledge and expertise in distinctive domains, our team is always ready to walk that extra mile, to solve your issues and provide befitting solutions.

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Quality Assurance

We run quality assurance tests on every phase of the development. Our quality assurance team ensures they leverage modern technology tools, to detect defects/bugs and eventually find fixes, before sending the product for a retesting phase. Quality reports and bug analysis & tracking help us constantly improve on different stages of product development.

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UX/UI Design

We provide you with prototypes, to test whether the product resonates with your requirements. Our experts understand your needs and turn those specifications into appealing designs and prepare the mockups for approval.

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We take care of all aspects. From providing you with different options to the deployment of the end-product. As soon as the design gets finalised, we push the product into the development phase. We run on strict schedules to ensure the end-product is deployed before or, as per the stipulated timeline.

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We follow all mandatory security standards and ensure no protocol is broken at any point in time. All standard procedures and regulations are followed by every part of the organization and by every employee associated with us.

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24/7 Support

We provide 24/7 support to help solve your problems and answer the questions you may have, at any point in time and from any preferred location.

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