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Keep your systems up and running with Tel5’s comprehensive network management system. Tel5’s efficient and customised service plans help you meet your proactive and break-fix network support and maintenance needs. Leverage state-of-the-art network maintenance and monitoring tools to keep your systems online 100%, round-the-clock.


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    Tel5 Networking Support and Maintenance Offerings

    With regular advances in cloud technology, businesses tend to face security, bandwidth, and storage setbacks. We help you escape such struggles and aid your modern network infrastructure with the help of troubleshooting, patch management, firewall, server upgrades, and regular network monitoring.


    Network Monitoring

    Keep all your critical assets in check. Stay aware of your systems’ network, applications, user traffic, and equipment’s performance all the time. Our network support technicians regularly monitor the behaviour of your physical, virtual, or hybrid network environment to provide timely support and avoid any downtime.


    Server Maintenance

    Maximise the server performance by scheduling regular checkups. Tel5’s network support technicians provide regular server maintenance to keep them running efficiently. We help you stay clear of any unwary and dreadful network situations, by monitoring and administering timely upgradation of your servers.


    Network Managed Services

    Leverage an end-to-end managed network services solution designed as per your specific business requirements. From planning and designing to implementation and maintenance, Tel5 helps you with up and running data networks including WAN, LAN, and WLAN, across the globe.

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    Data Backup

    Enable a quick restore by backing up all your data in advance. Automate scheduled and regular backups for all the business data, to face emergencies smoothly. Understand the company needs and what data holds more importance to make informed decisions. Save all the server, mobile, and application data instantly before redesigning or modifying any business module.


    Network Security

    Safeguard critical information available on your network from leading data breaches. Ensure all your vulnerable assets and data are safe with the help of consistent network security testing. Identify the security loopholes, probable risks, and anticipated concerns to outline, along with updating security policies on a regular basis.


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    Network Maintenance

    From testing and troubleshooting to scheduling regular maintenance and network health checks – Tel5 helps you maintain a consistent network performance with its advanced support and maintenance services. Better performance seeks regular monitoring; keeps your business processes in check and foresees any major problem to minimize the crisis. Immediately triage the issues and troubleshoot as soon as a problem is detected.


    Wireless BYOD Configuration

    Ensure all the devices in use are running smoothly and have a strong and stable connection. Deploy a successful bring your own device (BYOD) process by offering a tested, fast, and strong wireless connection for all employees using different devices. Avoid added costs, implementation hassles, and security threats with Tel5’s comprehensive end-to-end WLAN solutions.


    Network Analysis

    Get a comprehensive analysis report to make informed future decisions. Learn about your network performance, latency, speed, interface, security, and network bandwidth, to make modifications accordingly. Do not let your IT system face any functional crisis by working around regularly updated network analysis reports and following a proactive approach to counter the foreseeable major problems.


    User Support

    Provide your users with proactive 24/7 support. Offer assistance for hardware or software issues across different devices – be it a PC, a laptop, or additional peripheral devices. Provide call support or email support to serve distinct user needs – from updating software to hardware maintenance.

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    Run Regular Audits

    Run regular audits for consistent performance. Schedule, track, and evaluate network stability and equipment performance to avoid downtime.

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    Easy Implementation

    Seamless implementation and easy data population to every piece of equipment. Tel5 provides quick and easy implementation to get your processes up and running in no time.

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    Improved Network Management

    Enhance customer experience by providing maximum network availability. Regularly monitor network and server performance to avoid any sort of network issues.

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    Analytics & Reporting

    Get regular analytics and detailed reports to make the next strategic move. Measure the current network performance to outline informed and effective future process plans.

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    Competitive Pricing

    With an extensive network of wholesalers, you can get access to all the modern features at very affordable prices.

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    Increase FTE Productivity

    Reduce redundancy and manual processes! Augment staff/employee productivity and efficiency with Tel5’s advanced automation features.

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    Customised Designs

    Get a customised solution to serve your business needs. Our experts listen to your requirements and provide a bespoke solution to you.

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    Reduced Costs

    Reduce total cost of ownership with the help of regular health checkups and discovery processes.

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    Reduced MTTR

    Cut down on mean time to repair (MTTR) with the help of Tel5’s modern diagnosis and automation features.

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    Round-the-Clock Support

    Tel5 provides instant resolution to user queries by providing round-the-clock customer support. Provide quick answers to urgent customer problems at any point in time.

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