Managed Print Solutions: The Ultimate Way to Increase Productivity at Workplace

If the office's printing system is inefficient, it can affect other business activities. Delays in printing can lead to financial loss, ultimately leading to stress. If you don't want to worry about the inefficiency of document work, then you can rely on managed print solutions.


Tel5’s managed print services help prevent inefficiency and complexity in paperwork. The print solutions simplify your printing work in two ways. First, the company providing managed print solutions will present you with a broad range of printers you can lease. Second, the experts will provide services related to printing to improve the accuracy of the results.


Let us see how the managed print services help optimise your work and reduce stress by providing print solutions.

Managed Print Solutions

What Benefits Do You Enjoy by Choosing Managed Print Solutions?

The experts aim to minimise your costs while boosting your printing experience by providing premium printers and effective services. By choosing Managed Print Solutions, you can have access to the following benefits:

Access to Supreme Printers

Partnered with the Best Brands: The managed print services provider collaborates with well-known businesses worldwide that offer high-quality printing solutions.

Printers on Lease: You do not have to pay a hefty amount to have access to premium printers. The option of leasing printers comes at an accessible cost. This way, you can ensure that your printing work stays optimised while you save enough money.

Extensive Range: You can choose the type of printer that suits your needs from a print management company. Whether you want multi-function, laser, 3D, industrial, or wide-format printers, the experts provide it all. You can also get photocopiers at a very reasonable cost.

Print Accessories and Devices: Some printers require print accessories and other additional devices to function smoothly. However, you don't need to run to a print store to obtain these. The printing solution company provides you with printing accessories that suit the particular printer.

Sustainable Printers: The company providing managed print solutions ensures that cost and energy reduction is maintained with eco-friendly printers.

Apart from providing excellent printers on lease, the company also provides the following services:

Access to Excellent Services

Expert Advice in Selecting the Ideal Printer: It can be difficult and confusing to choose a perfect printer that accelerates your office work. However, with a print management company, you can get expert advice when it comes to selecting a particular type of printer. The professionals have experience in dealing with various businesses, so they know what's best for you.

Software Programs for Enhancing Productivity: The company providing software solutions targets eliminating various issues related to printing. The software print programs help reduce wastage, simplify printing, improve print accuracy, and increase the speed of work.

Technical Support at Each Step: The print management company has a team of experts who provide services that you may need to operate your business successfully. This benefit thus eliminates your need to bug your IT team or hire outside technicians in case of printing failures.

Enhanced Security of Data: Data loss and breaching are becoming common these days with the advancement of technology, which makes it crucial for you to have a secure printing system. With managed print solutions, the privacy of the business data stays intact.

Repairs and Maintenance: The experts take responsibility for helping you with any printing problems, such as troubleshooting or meter readings. Also, with managed print services, you don't need to worry about maintaining printers from time to time.

Simplified Workflow Design: The professionals eliminate the use of excessive paper by digitalising your documents. This not only minimises clutter and environmental impact but also fosters seamless collaboration through secure, cloud-based document access.


The managed print solutions allow you to lease the type of print you want at an affordable price. Also, you are free from managing printing at the office, which gives you enough time to focus on other business activities. You can ensure that your document work stays perfect with Tel5. Our team of specialists cater to your specific needs when it comes to printing work. So contact us to avail yourself of the best printing solutions.