Optimise Your Printing With Lexmark Printer Services

Managing your printing in the workspace can offer you many benefits. Not only does your business's productivity improve drastically, but you also generate less waste, reducing unnecessary expenditures.

One crucial step towards optimising your printing is to have an efficient printer. Your workplace should have a printer to fulfil your business's requirements while reducing expenses.

But how do you select the ideal printer for your business?

Well, there are many brand names that you may come across when you search for a printer. Amongst many options, one company that provides the best printers is Lexmark. Tel5 delivers various Lexmark printer services, copiers, and multifunction printers, which are highly favoured by businesses in multiple industries.

Let us see in detail why you should consider having a printer of this brand.

Lexmark Printer Adelaide

Reasons to Choose Lexmark Printer Services

  • Cater to all types of businesses

Lexmark has a wide range of printers that cater to many different types of businesses. Whether you are a small, medium, or big enterprise, this brand has you covered. They have broadly divided their printer range into two types: one for small to medium businesses and the other for enterprise and large businesses.

For small to medium businesses

The biggest challenge for small-scale enterprises is finding a printer that fits in their office spaces. Lexmark fulfils this demand laid by small and medium-scale businesses by providing compact and durable printers. They also provide multifunction printers that are ideal for businesses that want a device that can print, scan, copy, and cloud fax.

For large businesses

Businesses that have neverending printing work need Lexmark Printer Services. Their printers can efficiently handle large volumes of input and convert it into desirable output. Based on your monthly print volume, paper size, business needs, whether you want colour or monochrome printing, and whether you are only interested in printing functions or multifunctions, you can select between various printer models.

  • Security system integration

With cybercrimes becoming increasingly prevalent, it is crucial that your business put an effort into securing essential data. One step towards enhancing the safety of confidential information is choosing Lexmark's printers. Their printers have embedded security features that bridge the security gap between your document and the device.

  • Printers that promote sustainability

Practising sustainability for your business is beneficial in two ways:
By being eco-conscious, your enterprise will produce less waste, automatically reducing unnecessary expenditures.
Your business's goodwill will increase as people associate your enterprise with being more environmentally responsible. So, to make your business more sustainable, Lexmark printers can help you. Their printers easily accommodate 100% recycled paper.
Also, the energy-efficient printers enable you to print on both sides of the paper, reducing the amount of paper used.

  • Remarkable print quality

Lexmark's printer delivers exceptional performance, which leads to high-quality prints. Every text, graphic, and image is printed with clarity and precision. You can achieve a print with accuracy by using their toner supplies to print documents and images. Their toner consists of a formulation that ensures optimum printing results.

  • Optimum print performance

Tel5 provides Lexmark printers designed to be fast and efficient. These printers allow you to meet deadlines and keep your workflow on track. In addition to speed, many Lexmark models are multifunctional, allowing you to print, copy, scan, and fax all from one machine, saving both time and space. Lexmark printers are also known for their reliability and for producing high-quality documents.

  • A reputable brand

Lexmark globally succeeds in providing printers that cater to many different industries, whether banking, manufacturing, or retail. Their experience has led them to innovate printers capable of providing ultimate customer satisfaction. So, by choosing Lexmark, you can ensure peak productivity with their printers.


After reviewing the various benefits of choosing Lexmark printers, you must get them for your business. You can hire Lexmark printers through Tel5. We provide a supreme range of Lexmark printers at competitive lease prices and other brand ranges, such as Kyocera Printers in Adelaide. With our affordable printers on rent, you can ensure that your printing needs are met on budget. So contact us to get started.