Take your business to the next level with Managed Print Solutions

We all know that no matter which industry we work in, we need efficiency and productivity to achieve something. If you are in the IT sector, you see the value of client calls and how important it is to convince them why they need to hire you for their business needs.

But what if you are decked up with unnecessary printer problems that have no end? One minute, it works fine, and the next minute, you get leaky inks or paper stuck, while at the very next minute, you have a Zoom meeting with your clients to whom you have to show something very essential on paper but can't!

Then, this frustration shows up on your face, which ultimately affects your client call experience. Isn't it?

We know you deal with such issues in your day-to-day life at your workplace, and this is why we have come up with a significant solution– Managed Print Solutions.

Let's dive in and read how it can solve printing problems in your workplace.


The importance of Managed Print Solutions in the workplace

Companies often roll out other end-user devices after extensive strategic planning. Many considerations are given to user pleasure, productivity, cost, speed, capabilities, and company objectives when purchasing devices for workgroups, such as laptops or smartphones.

But nobody bothers to think about the printing area. To save managers the walk to a printing facility, some organisations permit managers to have personal printers in their offices. Printers have been added to networks on an as-needed basis. The result is a disjointed assortment of printers dispersed throughout businesses, leading to a system riddled with waste, redundancy, and security vulnerabilities. 

When you ask them about the whereabouts of their printers, many business owners would have no idea how many printers they have installed, in which departments, and how much cost they are incurring on them.

This is why Managed Print Solutions has come to the rescue.

What are Managed Print Services?

Managed print services, often known as print management, are services provided by an outside print supplier to manage your company's document output.

For companies that need to print frequently, a third-party print supplier offers MPS as an alternative to managing their internal printers and copiers.

The print provider will handle your business's printing requirements through MPS, providing toners, keeping an eye on consumption, tracking problems, and resolving them for you as needed. The hardware (printing device), routine maintenance, components, and supplies are all included in an MPS agreement.

Tel5 offers a wide range of state-of-the-art Kyocera and Konica Minolta devices, such as continuous ink tank printers, laser printers, 3D printers, inkjet printers, all-in-one printers, and many more. These devices work in a way that helps boost your business' productivity.

Benefits of choosing a managed print service program for your company

Businesses or IT teams who are tired of paper clutter because of disrupted printer trays or leaky inks can greatly benefit from MPS in the following ways:

1. Cost savings:

MPS will make it easier for your company to track and manage print expenses and will also help you obtain the right equipment at a lower cost. Furthermore, MPS agreements include continuing on-site maintenance, repairs, parts, and toners, which can save long-term costs for your business.

2. Better efficiency:

It is obvious that with MPS installed at your workplace, you and your team can work easily without having to waste your energy on unwanted tasks. This can lead to better efficiency for your company, which can help you attract more customers and focus on your long-term business objectives. Also, MPS frees up other departments to focus on value-added tasks and pay no more attention to the printing area. 

3. More productivity:

How many times have you stood beside the printer waiting for it to act on the command you have given to it? With managed print services, you and your team will be able to cut this waiting time in half because your MPS professionals will be monitoring your printing systems and making sure they are up-to-date before any problem emerges. This releases you from the burden of handling errors, replacing cartridges, and adding paper, allowing you to focus more on producing.

4. Peace of Mind:

Businesses and organisations in Australia can profit greatly from MPS by saving money, becoming more efficient, improving security, enhancing the environment, and receiving professional assistance. All of these benefits lead to peace of mind in their lives. To learn more about adopting an MPS programme for your company, get in touch with Tel5's experts.

5. Increased security:

Although user authentication and activity tracking are now often included in many devices, an MPS programme can provide an extra layer of protection by encrypting device data and utilising detailed permissions to guarantee that users can only access the information they require.

Last Key Points

Being a flexible and scalable print solution, MPS serves the business industry and IT industry in many ways, some of which are stated above. If you are looking for a trusted and reliable MPS provider, remember to get in touch with the experts at TEL5.