Upgrade Your Office Printing Game With Lexmark Printers

Many of us have experienced the frustration of a printer that was once reliable becoming a source of paper jams and toner spills.

From Sydney to Perth, many Australians have dealt with the annoyance of slow printing and poor print quality.

But don't worry; this guide will assist you in recognising the indicators of a failing printer and help you find the ideal moment to upgrade to a new one.

So let's get started. It's time to say goodbye to your old and troublesome printers and switch to big printers for office use.

Upgrade Your Office Printing Game With Lexmark Printers

Signs You Need a New Printer

Familiar with the feeling of frustration when you are about to print something quickly but end up with a malfunction? Well, we understand your situation!

However, there are signs to look out for that indicate it may be time to replace your printer with a more reliable and trustworthy one. Here is how to determine if it is time to upgrade to a new printer.

1. Low-quality Prints:

If your printer is producing low-quality prints with steaks, smudges, or patches, it may be time to replace the toner ink cartridge or even the printer itself. Therefore, investing in a new printer will ensure you get a high-quality printer.

2. Slow Printers:

If the speed of your prints is comparable to a koala moving on a gum leaf, it may be a sign to consider investing in a new printer. Today's printers are incredibly efficient and quick, allowing you to save significant amounts of time and avoid unnecessary frustration.

3. Paper Jams:

Dealing with an abundance of paper jams can be incredibly frustrating, to the point where even a bird might be tempted to use some choice words. Whether the paper tray seems to be more of a shredder than a feeder or if it simply refuses to work properly, investing in a new printer could be the best solution.

4. Unresponsive:

If your printer fails to react or acknowledge commands sent from your computer, it is possible that there may be a communication breakdown between the two devices. This can result in the printer not carrying out any requested tasks or functions.

5. Enhanced Sustainability:

Are you still living in the past with a printer that seems ancient and belongs in a history museum? If your printer lacks Wi-Fi capabilities and cannot connect to your devices, you are not taking advantage of the convenience that modern technology offers. Upgrading to a new printer with the latest features will greatly simplify your printing experience.

The moment you see these signs, it's time you switch and start shopping for a new one! But which one, may you ask? Well, the below section holds your answers!

It is Time to Switch to Lexmark Printers

If you're fed up with dealing with the constant issues of your current printer, it's time to upgrade to a dependable Lexmark printer. Lexmark printers are designed to be the perfect Australian companion, providing high-quality printing, fast speeds, and convenience that will eliminate your frustrations.

In other words, Lexmark printers in Adelaide are suitable for a variety of workgroups, including small teams with a monthly printing volume of up to 3,000 pages.

Here’s why you must trust this brand when it comes to choosing top-of-the-line for your office’s printing area:

  • Highly Efficient
  • Quick Printing Speeds
  • Built for Aussie Needs
  • Wide Range of Options
  • High-quality Prints
  • IoT Platform
  • Cloud Print Infrastructure

Amazed by the wonderful features of Lexmark? Switching to Lexmark will provide you with reliable printing, high-quality results, and convenient features that will simplify your life.

The Bottom Line

Now that you have gained enough knowledge regarding Lexmark printers, it's time to switch to these. We offer a wide range of Lexmark printers, copiers, and multifunction printer services to businesses of all sizes. You can improve your office's document capabilities with affordable and reliable equipment.

We also offer leasing options for high-quality printing equipment to help businesses save money and increase efficiency. Contact our experts for assistance in upgrading your printer fleet.