Why is Leasing Printers the Best Decision for Small Businesses?

If you're stressed about needing to be efficient in your new small business, you're not alone. However, investing in technology can make a big difference. While there are many tips for being productive, incorporating the latest devices into your work can significantly improve your entire operation. Using the right equipment can streamline tasks, increase employee productivity, and save time.


Let's see how modern technology can help your small business succeed. Innovative products, such as the latest printers, can be expensive. However, there is no need to worry. You can amplify productivity at your workplace with printers on rent.

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So if you are curious to know how renting will benefit your small-scale business, then continue reading further to learn why leasing a printer is a convenient option for you.

5 reasons printer on lease is ideal for small businesses

No Upfront Cost

Managing cash flow is essential for small businesses, and buying a printer can be expensive and limit funds for other growth areas. However, leasing a printer is a cost-effective alternative that allows businesses to spread the cost over a set lease term and pay only for the period they use the printer. This printer on a lease is a flexible solution for businesses with changing printing needs.

Leasing helps to Explore Options

If you have just started your business, ascertaining your office's requirements may take a lot of work. In such a case, if you buy a printer that cannot fulfil your needs, the purchase would be a waste of money. Moreover, leasing does not tie you down to one printer in the long term. If you feel dissatisfied with a particular printer, you can switch to another after the leasing agreement ends. So, when renting, you can try out different printers and see which one is perfect for your office.

Technological Upgradation

Keeping up with the digital changes is how a business thrives in today's world. However, it is quite costly to replace an old printer with a new one from time to time. But by leasing printers, you can enjoy the perks of the latest innovations without splurging on money.

Optimised Print Fleet

Using old printers can lead to inaccuracies in work, which further causes resource waste. The little waste here and there would seem harmless, but it adds to unnecessary costs in the long run. So, you need to optimise your paperwork with the print fleet. The Print fleet allows you to have updates on the device's usage, metre readings, and alerts for maintenance. The company providing printers on rent will ensure that your printing work leaves no waste. They do this by providing the latest printers designed to minimise energy usage while delivering impeccable results.

Excellent Repair Services

Breakdowns in printers can hamper work productivity. You may need to hire a technician to make the printer functional again. Finding someone with quality skills who can fix the printer issues is difficult. Even if you find someone, that person may not come at the requested time or may charge you a very high price. However, leasing printing from a reputed company saves you from all these hassles. If the printer breaks down unexpectedly, the experts will protect you from such unwanted circumstances.

When you lease a printer, you can enjoy various advantages, such as avoiding initial expenses and easily adjusting your printing requirements. However, leasing becomes even more advantageous when paired with managed print services. 


Tel5's managed print solutions offer a more comprehensive approach to printer leasing by being a printing partner rather than just a provider. Our team evaluates your printing needs, suggests the best equipment, and manages maintenance, toner refills, and technical support for the duration of the lease. This guarantees a cost-effective and efficient printing solution tailored to your requirements.


In conclusion, you can grow your small business into a large corporation by making wise financial decisions. To get a printer on lease and to learn more about managed print solutions, contact us now and get started!